Business Startup

As an entrepreneur looking to expand into a new business, there are many financial factors you must consider to ensure the success of your new venture.

For clients looking to start a business, you must decide what form of business entity your new venture will be. Choosing and setting up the form of entity your business will be is one of the most important business decisions you will make in the beginning.

Here is what we can do to help get your business started:

→ Selecting the right form of entity viz proprietorship, partnership, company, LLP etc
→ Documentation to float the entity
→ Drafting of partnership deed/ LLP agreement/ drafting of MOA/ AOA etc
→ Application for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
→ Application for DIN/ DPIN
→ Application for availability of name
→ Filing of other relevant forms
→ Registration with the statutory authorities
→ Registrar of Companies / Firms
→ Professional Tax
→ Import Export Code (IEC)
→ Accounting of per-incorporation transactions

Private Limited Company

Setting up a Private Company in India is most common way of starting business; Most of foreign Companies start business in India in form of a Private Company. These Companies are very closely held company and the shareholding is with very few people. Hence these Companies are called Private Limited Companies.


Private Company setup in India requires Minimum 2 Directors. The Directors of the Company shall be Individual. Hence One Company Can Not be director of other Company. Every Person appointed as Director or Prospective Director shall have a Directors Identification Number i.e DIN Number. A person Not having DIN Number can never be appointed as director in an Indian Company. Process of Company setup is Online hence the director shall have DSC i.e Digital Signature Certificate as all the forms are digitally signed.


To Register the Company the Directors presence is not required in India, the Company can be setup without the directors present in India. Proper required documents shall be available in Original with us.


The Private Company setup in India requires minimum 2 Shareholders and Maximum 50 Shareholders excluding the Employees and Relatives of the Company. All types of person can become shareholders i.e Individual, Firm, AOP, Other Company etc. One Company can hold all the share of other Company and can float 100% Subsidiary. But to satisfy the Condition of 2 Shareholders at least 1 Share Shall be given to other person.


Every Company starting business requires Share Capital , As per Indian Companies Act the Private Company Can be incorporated with Minimum Share Capital of INR 100000/- there is no maximum Cap on Share Capital. The Share Capital shall be introduced by the shareholders in 180 Days into the Companies Bank Account. The Decision on Share Capital shall be taken after proper planning as the Government fees depends on the Share capital of the Company.

Partnership Registration
Import and Export Code
GST Registration
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