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Are you reframing your key leverages or is the future reframing you?

The world changed. The environmental has strained health care systems to breaking point, put much of the global economy on an indefinite hiatus and radically reshaped societal norms and interactions. Trends that seemed far off suddenly arrived, undermining established assumptions and leaving leaders scrambling to formulate business models and approaches that address a very different economic, social and political environment.

So, how do you make sense of this emerging reality? We have long advised that disruption does not come from technologies and business models alone; it can equally be unleashed by elections, climate disruption or, in this case, a pandemic. Our firm Megatrends approach seeks to provide an organizing framework, allowing you to formulate strategy by looking far beyond your traditional sector and legacy competitors to help identify potential threats and opportunities.

This year, such an approach is more important than ever. By understanding the forces shifting the world’s tectonic plates, leaders can take an approach that works back from a vision of the future to create scenarios for growth beyond the environments, using them to set an action agenda today. In short, Our firm Megatrends can help you reframe the future of your organization and build competitive advantage in a better post-pandemic world.