Global Education Realignment

Unrealistic expectation of Students from Industry-
Students have high expectation from Industry in terms of salary, position and timing. Moreover students have a mindset that getting a degree is sufficient to get them job???

The massive demand for complementary trained graduates or under graduates’ resources in industry, it indicates a mismatch between academic education and industry requirements. Our Programs identifies the gap between academic and industry and presents an approach to bridge it using the concept of Learning Factories. The competencies of the newly graduate or engineers and the competency requirements of industry for graduates have been identified based on discussions with industry professionals and literature review. It has been found that the technical and social competency requirements match, but there is a gap regarding the methodological competency. This necessitates graduate trainings at the start of employment. The additional trainings prove to be time consuming and costly for the industry. To bridge this gap a Learning Factory test bed has been implemented in our programs. It is expected that the proposed Learning Factory will make the graduate or engineers ready for the job at university level and the additional graduate training redundant. The study also provides a roadmap of utilizing Learning Factories as an integral part for the academic system.

The best admonition that you can commit a student.

Academy is not the place where you will be doing your most important learning. 80% of the world’s most valuable knowledge and information is not going to be found in Syllabus. You’re most important learning will be done by you actively seeking out the world’s most valuable knowledge and information, by researching, by talking, by reading, by experiencing. So until schools finally merge with reality, you're on your own, and your education is your responsibility, sorry, but that's the way it is, for now anyway. "The responsibility of learning is yours; don't depend on someone else to do the learning for you." "The one thing that is causing most of our problems is the one thing that we failed to fix and improve, and that was education." "The biggest reality being perpetrated on the public is making people believe that they are receiving a quality education, when in fact they are not. When the public finally realizes this reality, there will be an uprising and a great awakening like no other human advancement in human history." "A good academy is not necessarily the one that spends the most. A good teacher is not necessarily the one who has a master’s degree or has the most experience. We found there are big differences across schools and they are not closely related to our common ways of judging the quality of schools". Among the latest trends, we can include the permanent updating of professionals and educational content; introduction of electronic networks for learning; translation and adaptation of the main scientific contributions; modification of institutional management; different educational institutions – formal, informal, and distance.etc.

Ht corps Training and Placement

Finding the right professional development training can be accomplished quickly and easily. Accounting is a growing field with huge range of opportunities. One of the factors about career in accountancy is that, regardless of size and scale all organizations are required to keep track of their finances, transactions and budgets, as well as maintain and issue accounts, all of which require accountants. In order to address the need of qualified accountants in the industry and leverage our experience in Accounting Advisory domain, HTCorps’ in India is offering a course for accounting professionals' which is designed to prepare for a career in accountancy.

Browse HTCorps’ wide variety of professional training courses Gain the knowledge, behaviors and confidence to meet the challenges of today’s difficult economy with HTCorps’ Accounting and financial management training programs. You will benefit from the latest accounting ,tax and financial management strategies and techniques to keep your skills sharp and your financial acumen strong and focused. Choose from the wide variety of accounting and finance training courses.

ERP and Software Support

HTCorps provides enterprise software applications and related professional services, in ERP-systems, in order to support businesses and organizations of all sizes, HTCorps is one of the leading Information Technology supporting companies, operating from Bangalore, India. The company is in existence since 2009 and involved in the business of providing software solutions to corporate clients in the areas of Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, Supply Chain Management , HR ,Travel Industry and other ERP Solutions