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In the light of this, new audit system (performance cum corrective audit) was implemented in the local self-government bodies. ... Irregularities are detected by means of performance audit and it gives chance to avoid such irregularities, and remedy the avoidable errors

Performance audit is an independent, objective and reliable examination of whether public sector undertakings, systems, operations, programmers, activities or organizations are operating in accordance with the principles of economy, efficiency and effectiveness. The main objective of performance audit is to constructively promote economical, effective and efficient governance. It also contributes to accountability and transparency. Performance audit promotes accountability by assisting those charged with governance and oversight responsibilities to improve performance through an examination of whether:
    a) Decisions by the legislature or the executive are efficiently and effectively prepared and implemented
    b) Tax payers or citizens have received value for money.

It does not question the intentions and decisions of the legislature, but examines whether any shortcomings in the implementation of the law and framing of regulations have prevented the specified objectives from being achieved. Performance audit focuses on areas in which it can add value for citizens and which have the greatest potential for improvement. It provides constructive incentives for the responsible parties to take appropriate action. Performance audit promotes transparency by affording all stakeholders an insight into the management and outcomes of different public sector activities. It thereby directly contributes to providing useful information to the citizen, while also serving as a basis for learning and improvements. HT Corps team of professional network can help correct execution of Local self government System implementation and Audit procedures. Today itself you can Contact us