Training & Education

Finding the right professional development training can be accomplished quickly and easily. Accounting and taxations are growing field with huge range of opportunities. One of the factors about career in accountancy is that, regardless of size and scale all organizations are required to keep track of their finances, transactions and budgets, as well as maintain and issue accounts, all of which require accountants.

In order to address the need of qualified accountants in the industry and leverage our experience in Accounting Advisory domain, HTCorps’ in India is offering a course for accounting professionals' which is designed to prepare for a career in accountancy.
Browse HTCorps’ wide variety of professional training courses Gain the knowledge, behaviors and confidence to meet the challenges of today’s difficult economy with HTCorps’ Accounting and financial management training programs. You will benefit from the latest accounting, tax and financial management strategies and techniques to keep your skills sharp and your financial acumen strong and focused. Choose from the wide variety of accounting and finance training courses.

Campus Program

Bcom+ ( eLaT- C Leval)
Bcom+ eLaT(( Expert in Live Accounting and Taxations)- C Level + CMA ( US)
Bcom+ ( eLaT- C Level)+ CA
Bcom + CMA
Bcom + CA
BBM (Live Marketing)
BCA( Industrial Experts)
MSW( NGO Professionals)
MBA (Corporate Finance & Tax)
MBA ( U K University Program)

Virtual Campus Program

eLaT - O Level ( Expert in Live Accounting and Taxations)
eLaT - A Level
eLaT - B Level
eLaT - C Level
GST- O Level
GST -A level
IT (Income Tax) - O Level
Income Tax- A Level
OM (Office Management) - O Level
OM ( Office Management)- A Level
Bcom+ ( eLaT- C Leval)

Corporate Training

HT Corps Training delivers high quality Corporate Finance training courses across the globe. All of our courses are also available through our in-house training service. Simply tell us the training course that you would like, where and when you would like it to take place and how you would like it to be tailored to meet your specific needs; we'll take care of the rest.

Each Corporate Finance training course is led by a talented practical trainer with at least 15 years of industry experience, hand-picked from our unparalleled worldwide resource of expert practitioners and consultants.

We combine the latest training techniques with relevant case studies to create innovative and engaging programs. Our tailored courses assist you in implementing the strategic goals of your business. Success is measured by improved performance at individual and corporate levels

Non Corporate Training

The Smart Accountant course helps you to achieve skills in the latest IT accounting techniques, which help you to make decisions based on financial information. This course also includes communication and interpersonal skills development module, which goes a long way in developing your personality.

About the Program

The radically innovative, unique curriculum introduced for the first time in the city guarantees not only through knowledge about the complicated and precise shade of accounting procedures, but also offers a deep insight into and real hands on experience to students in business management. Our Training Program is immensely useful for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn the whole heart of successful business Operation.

This comprehensive Learning package takes student through the complex processes involved in accounting and business right from the commencement of business to its successful operation by making use of modern management practices and sophisticated technologies.
This course is ideal for all those people who is aiming to become a competent business professional.

Program Highlights

  • Program design and Manage by Experience group of Chartered Accountants and MBA’s
  • Live Work data base
  • Basic Accounts
  • Accounts management based on Foreign and Indian Accounting
  • Scenario studies
  • Operational Management
  • Time Management
  • Accounts for different organization structures
  • Accounting for different industries
  • Accounting for public limited companies
  • Accounting for trust, hospitals, schools, colleges, clinic etc
  • Management accounting tools
  • Costing. Basic and advanced
  • Advanced excel report preparation
  • Report analysis
  • Statutory compliances
  • Income tax and GST
  • Audit Management
  • Organizational Control
  • Multi task Management
  • Tools of MIS
  • Fundamentals of Software and hardware
  • IT and System Management
  • Business research and skill development
  • Soft skill development
  • Banking fundamentals
  • Closing Stock valuation
  • Industrial Training

Software Highlights

  • Tally ERP.9
  • ERP Solutions
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • OS - Windows

Program Goals

  • To enable the student to work in any kind of business scenarios.
  • Providing students with industrial training and one year experience certificate.
  • To convert non-commerce background to a strong competent among commerce habitats.
  • To provide the technical knowledge for those who want to migrate into accounts profession