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A different approach to transportation and logistics audits

Our analysis approach is not the easy, “quick fix” variety. Yes, we have a uniform transportation audit methodology. But the process is comprehensive and a typical audit will take between 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of your freight program. We look at every aspect of your program, including why and how you execute certain functions. We compare all key measures of transportation efficiency – rates, shipping performance, and staffing – to industry benchmarks and use these comparisons to identify areas of greatest opportunity.

Our final deliverable is a detailed logistics audit report with actionable recommendations aimed at improving shipping performance and efficiency. And we show you exactly how we arrived at our recommendations, so you have the hard data you need to defend suggested changes within your company.

Key questions a transportation audit will address

→ Can you hit service level targets with your current distribution network?
→ Are your freight rates too high?
→ Do you utilize a spend cube to keep an eye on your cost and performance in transportation?
→ Are you using carriers that can offer you the best service at the best rate?
→ Are you auditing freight bills and is your audit process effective?
→ Do you have the appropriate technology employed to optimize freight movements?
→ How do your staffing levels compare with those of similar-size companies?
→ Can your current program support future growth plans?
→ Do you have the correct personnel in place to take you into the future?
→ Would using brokers / forwarders benefit your operation?
→ Should you be using different modes of transportation?

Our member firms advise both public and privately owned transport groups. Our capabilities cover:

  • Aviation (airports and airlines)
  • Shipping and ports
  • Rail and Bus
  • Post & Logistics
  • Travel & leisure

We understand the financial and operational drivers of the transport sector and can assist our firms' clients in dealing with current and emerging issues such as market consolidation, deregulation, public private partnerships and financing.